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International Museum Day

President of LightHouse, Kolokas Kostas and the secretary Geroulanou Zoe guiding the deputy minister of Culture Petros Tatoulis

May 19, 2004

"Lighthouse" Culture glows for the Blind

A special and unique museum was chosen by the deputy minister of Culture, Petros Tatoulis, for a symbolic visit during the celebration of the International Museum Day. With museum guide Zoe Geroulanou, member of the board of "Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece", he visited the Tactual Museum in Kallithea and admired up close the multifaceted work of the organization. It is a cultural "Lighthouse" for the blind which exhibits copies and casts of the most representative classic works of art.

The undersecretary was welcomed by the president of "The Lighthouse for the Blind" Konstantinos Kolokas and the director of the Museum, Dimitra Asideri, both of whom, after the tour presented the undersecretary hand-made ceramics and the Greek Constitution written in Braille.

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[ Republication of Mr Rodi Lambrou article in the May 19, 2004 edition of "City Press" news paper ]