Volunteers of the Tactual Museum


Philippos Bouthalakis's sculpture Voluntarism is the set of free of charge actvities, aim to help their fellow men, the community and society in general. Itís not limited only to the unselfish offer of ones services, moreso it reflects an attitude towards life with special values, such as the solidarity of society and fairness as well as active participation in the helping the needs of the community. The scope of voluntarism is widening continuously and covers more and more sides of social life such as rendering of services to the less fortunate, handicapped individuals and socially excluded people.
Moreover, individuals who volunteer, have the opportunity to cultivate their personality and skills by means of a special learning experience making their time especially rewarding.
One of the main priorities of Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece, was and still is the development of voluntarism, not only for the work which gets done due to the contributions of the volunteers but also, because it promotes positive awareness and behavior in the society, regarding the problems of visually impaired and blind individuals.

, Geroulanou Zoe, [member of board of Directors of Lighthouse for blind]

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BECOME Volunteer at the Tactual Museum

The volunteer's activity at the Tactual Museum is very interesting. Apart from supporting the operation of the Museum, volunteers participate in guiding the visitors, supervising some operations of the Museum, suggesting new activities and in general taking part in the development of the Museum. The experiences which the volunteers obtain through their relationship with the visually impaired and blind visitors are unique.

Active Citizen

The Tactual Museum relies on their Volunteers and continually aims to attract new volunteers.

Volunteers icon In this way it promotes the principle of the "active citizen", that is, someone who realizes that attainment of personal happiness also depends on the prosperity of his fellow man.

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