NSRF Program – “RESEARCH-INNOVATE-CREATE” Action “MANTO Blind Escort Apps” (MANTO) Code: T1EDK-00593

NSRF Program – “RESEARCH-INNOVATE-CREATE” Action “MANTO Blind Escort Apps” (MANTO) Code: T1EDK-00593

In 2018, the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece, in partnership with the Research Department of the University of Piraeus and the IRIDA LABS, launched the implementation of the project, entitled “Innovative Applications of Autonomous Navigation Digital Escort for the Blind”

Its goal was the development, pilot implementation and evaluation of 2 Innovative Navigation applications for visually impaired people of all ages (blind & partially sighted) for outdoors and public interiors, for their equal access to cultural-educational and other structures and the promotion of their independence in social and professional life in general.

The program was financed under the Operational Program “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EPANEK)”, NSRF 2014-2020.
The Lighthouse of the Blind of Greece and the Tactual Museum, in their general context of actions to ensure and establish facilitative and modern means for the dignified and quality daily life of the blind, ever after the typical termination of the Project continue evaluating the applications, for continuous feedback from the blind users for the necessary adaptations and their elevation to completely useful tools.

The ultimate goal is to communicate and make them widely available to the blind community in order to extend the positive results in various areas of daily life, the gradual eradication of social exclusion phenomena and the overall upgrade of the quality of life of the target population.
At the same time, there have been strategic informational actions towards the general public, in the context of wider awareness-raising activities for the promotion of conditions for a dignified and qualitative everyday life of the blind and the gradual cultivation of the concepts of acceptance of diversity, inclusion and creative co-existence.