“Reading stories at the Tactual Museum” A New Educational Program at the Tactual Museum

“Reading stories at the Tactual Museum” A New Educational Program at the Tactual Museum

The Tactual Museum invites you to its new creative workshop that is aimed at children between 6 and 12 years old, entitled “Reading stories at the Tactual Museum”.

This innovative workshop includes the audio narration of the fairy tale “The statue that froze” of the writer Christos Mpoulotis, which is available at the digital Talking Book Library of the Lighthouse of the Blind of Greece. Thanks to this procedure the children will have the great opportunity to perceive the importance of the audio books in the visually impaired people’s daily lives.

The story mentioned above has been created for the statue “The Refugee”, the replica of which is hosted at the Tactual Museum –the original one is located at the National Archaeological Museum, that is used at the experiential part of this Workshop. Thus, the children after having heard the story, have the unique chance “explore”/interact with the statue through their touch, procedure that is helped by the verbal description of the exhibit offered by the tour guide.

In the end, the young participants are invited to use and write on a Braille typewriter and create create a small booklet that they can take with them.

Educational program objectives:

  • Empathy, social awareness, inclusion.
  • Developing verbal skills and imagination.
  • Mobilization of all senses and observation.

Young visitors will be given printed educational material and the book they will write on a Braille typewriter themselves in the workshop.

Useful information:

Ticket cost: FREE
Workshop cost: FREE

For registrations: 210 94 15 222, info@fte.org.gr

The educational program was designed and implemented by the Tactual Museum of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece with the kind support of the MYTILINEOS Company in 2023.